Friday, January 1, 2010

Jan. 1, 2010 A Fresh New Year

It started to snow at a good clip about 4 PM this afternoon. It has gotten heavier and hasn't stopped. It's 7 PM and dark or I'd take another photo! I'll take one in the morning. But we're used to this here in NE Ohio! I don't mind the snow but it's supposed to get into the teens and windy this weekend which I DON"T like because my boiler can't keep up and this house gets cold! I hate being cold.

It's probably the whole New Year's resolution type thinking but I AM going to become more organized!!!! I joined the "FlyLady" group. If you don't know about her and her 500,000 followers you can find out about her here.
For all of you that know, this will make sense. I have my shoes on and my sink is sparkling!!!!
(I just joined yesterday!) I'm hoping this will somehow help me clean and de-clutter! (And keep my sanity during the kitchen renovation!!!)
I'm taking my Christmas music off till next year and looking for some uplifting, energetic music : ))
Be Good.


  1. I know that cold pretty well. I'm originally from northern Ohio. Been in KY for 17 years. The sun shines here more which I really need during the winter months. Try and stay warm. Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  2. Hi Shirley..
    I'm with you on de-cluttering. That's my one main goal as well..I hope yours goes well..and that you stay warm. The snow is beautiful..but like you, I hate being cold. Happy New Year..may it bring wonderful blessings..

  3. Hope you stay warm--get a blanket and a good book! I am checking out the flylady! Happy 2010

  4. I am so bad at being organized. I hope to do better this year too.
    Your snow is so pretty but I hope you can stay warm.
    I have no idea why you have your shoes on and I am thrilled for you that your sink is sparkling...I think.

  5. I LOVE your picture.

    Here in north east Indiana we are getting a few flakes, but not anything like you're describing!

  6. The snow is so beautiful...although, obviously sometimes very inconvenient. Stay warm and dry and good luck with your organizing through the year!!

  7. Shirley...I became a FlyLady years ago and also bought "Sink Reflections" for my 3 daughters, who have an even harder time keeping up than I do. The thing about the sink is so true but my favorite tip is to time yourself to just work for an hour, etc. That tip has reaped the most benefit. I think we all typically bite off more than we can chew, then get overwhelmed and don't complete anything. The timing tip gives you such a good feeling when you see what you've done in a designated amount of time.
    The book is well written and very entertaining as is the FlyLady's web site.
    So...welcome to the club and Happy 2010.

  8. ABSOLUTELY LOVE this Jan1, 2010 Blog Photo!!! Beautiful!

  9. Hi Shirley,
    I haven't visited in a long time..Thanks for coming to my blog..
    I have enjoyed reading your posts about the farm.
    I am sure it was sad to see the house gone.
    We knocked down the house we bought and built a new one. We had bought it as a summer home, and when we decided to retire here in Southampton, it wasn't worth renovating.
    My friends who have lived in this area a long time said it made the old owners sad when they came to visit..
    We have had a lot of snow too..and I love your new floors..We did ours horizontally.

    I must go visit that link..I have way too much cwap!
    Happy 2010 to you!


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