Thursday, January 7, 2010

Miracle of the Burned Pot!

Three nights ago I decided I wanted to have some chocolate pudding. I always make the cooked kind as I think it is soooo much better than the instant. And I had a big box of it; 6 servings instead of 4. I put it on to wait till it reached the bubbling stage and sat down at the computer, (in the same room I might add.) Big mistake. As you all know the computer just sucks time up like a dry sponge! All at once I smelled that horrible smell of burning chocolate! I couldn't save any of the pudding as it all tasted really bad. The bottom of my stainless steel pot was thick & BLACK. I mean this burned mess was grown to the bottom the the pot. It was way beyond scrubbing. I tried scrapping with a knife. (Don't do that.) I Googled "burned stainless steel pot" and low and behold, I wasn't the first one to do this. In fact there was a long list of fixes. I tried boiling salt water in it, didn't work; baking soda didn't work, vinegar didn't work. I came to the one that just said cover the burned food with about an inch of hydrogen peroxide and just let it sit overnight. Well that seemed easy; I didn't really expect it to work.

The next morning I poured the hydrogen peroxide down the drain and started to rinse the pot out under running water. In seconds I noticed that big flakes of the burned substance coming off. I noticed the entire burned piece had slid to the side!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes! I ran and got my camera!! (of course : ))
I took a paper towel and just wiped the entire burned mess out of the pot.

A miracle!!!!! The entire pot cleaned up with some soap and water. No scrubbing!
Soooo, go buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide! Skip the rest of the fixes!! This is the one that works on stainless!!! I have my pot back!!


  1. WOW!!! AWESOME!!! I can't believe that hydrogen peroxide could work wonders. THANKS!!! for sharing.

  2. Who knew hydrogen peroxide would clean that up?! Thanks for sharing - I'm hoping I never have to use it, but I also like to cook things and walk away and end up forgetting! LOL

  3. Yowza. I wonder if it would work on my baking pans that are encrusted with baked on crud. I tried the ammonia in a garbage bag trick last week and it barely took anything off.

  4. You have made a great discovery...hydrogen peroxide might just be the next duct tape...and we all know you can fix anything with duct tape. I know that it is wonders at getting blood out of daughter used to have problems with nose bleeds when she was young and the Dr. gave us this tip.

  5. OMG Shirley! This is too weird! I have a burned pot sitting on my stove for about the last week that I have been trying to fix. I've done all that you have listed as vinegar usually works for me....but sadly, this time it hasn't. I was so bummed as I love this pot so I am SO EXCITED to go home now and try the HPeroxide. *Fingers Crossed*

  6. Hi Shirley!

    Wow, what a great tip! One we all can use on a regular basis!

  7. ~Ha! Don't you just love the fixes you can find by googling the problem? Last year, my daughter and husband completely removed and replaced the passenger door automatic window with step by step help from a bolgger they found by googling the issue. Installation at the auto shop would have been $375 bacause of the labor. They did it for the cost of the window at $125.
    ~This Christmas I gave my hubby a GPS. He couldn't get the little suction cup thing to stick to anything! I googled the problem, found the simple remedy in an instant and of course...problem solved!

  8. This is such a great tip. Thanks for sharing it. I will definitely be trying this. Thanks for stopping by Happy Nester and leaving me a comment.

  9. I could have written that post. I'm so relieved to find the solution and I'm going to do it before I go to bed. Thanks so much!

  10. Hi, from Melbourne Australia. Great tip, thanks. Looking to try it. Apparently there are two strengths (maybe more)of Hydrogen Peroxide. One I found is 6%. What is the strength on your product, please? Can't see it on the pic of the front of your bottle. Guess it must be on the back.....Thanks for your help, regards, Lorraine


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