Monday, January 18, 2010

Today's Old House Problem!

The plumber is here now fixing and replacing the relay thingy and a valve joint on my boiler. I came downstairs this morning and went down into the kitchen, dining room, family room area and it was like stepping into the fridge! No heat was getting to those rooms! I immediately called my plumber. Yes, a plumber. When you have a boiler system your heating is all pipes and water and you need a plumber. Darrell knows this house and boiler well!!

The valve he has to replace is what he's turning there. See, all corroded with my well water because it was leaking. It then dripped on the relay box below (that he already replaced) and burned out the little computer board in there. That made the pump not get the signal to turn on! Thus, no heat was circulating.
The whole thing will cost me $555.00!! Oh My! What I have to pay to keep warm is astonishing because my oil bill is terrible!
My daughter says "I don't understand why you like old houses." Well, they do have their challenges, I'll give her that, but you don't have houses built like this one today or with the old world charm!
I feel like I'm the keeper of this house for now.


  1. I feel your pain Shirley - we don't have a broiler, but we do have oil heat and cistern water which has it's pump issues and the water is hard just like well water, which cause 9 million OTHER issues :)

  2. Well, that house may be old but it's beautiful from the pictures I've seen on here. I wonder if it would be more practical to have a heat pump added instead of what you are using now. It's expensive at first but the heat and A/C are so comfortable. Our older house had an older expensive heating system and for $10,000 (gulp) it has really made a difference. From no air in the summer to comfort.

  3. It is always something isn't it. Money, money, money. This year for us will be a new roof. I can only imagine what that will cost.

  4. In our experience, the furnace waits to go on the fritz until the coldest day of the winter.

    We've been there - - - done that - - - last winter. I'm knocking on my head (wood) to try to ward it away from happening THIS winter!

  5. Old house people are a certain breed. We mostly "feel" a house...we're attracted not just by what is seen but what is felt. Hence...we put up with a lot of things that seem odd to others.

  6. We burn wood, and also have a corn burner - to save on the furnace AND the LP gas bill! It always boils down to money.....I'm glad we have the wood to back up when electricity goes out, thats for sure!

  7. You are the keeper of the house, for now. A very sweet way of looking at it.

    Gladys Taber felt the same way, about her old Conn. farm house. :-)

    Have you ever read her books? :-)


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