Monday, January 4, 2010

So Sad, Upsetting and Depressing!

This is the way I remember the Wickersham farm in East Springfield, PA. (My maiden name is Wickersham) When my sister and I were young this is where my Aunt Ella and Uncle Clifford and my cousins David and Philip lived. They farmed the 100 acre farm which was mostly apple orchards. I just found out this past week that the house has been bull-dozed!!!!!!! I can't believe it!! It has affected me more than I would've thought! My Grandma Wickersham and her husband (who had died when my father was young), raised their five children in this house. They were all born in this house. My father was born here!
The one son, my Uncle Clifford, stayed to farm the land and raise apples. He lived there till his death. Neither son wanted to farm so it was sold to a man that used the land all these years. I had taken my husband to see it about 25 years ago and I would've liked to have the chance of buying it but we never knew it went up for sale.
I have very fond memories of spending time in the summers here. The house was big with dozens of rooms upstairs. (At least it seemed that way when we were young.) It was a wonderful magical place.

Aerial View. "Our" farm is on the south side of the road. Doesn't show all the acres of orchards. Don't you wonder how farmers keep such straight lines when the plow!!!!!!!

This was at harvest time. The apples were sold to grocers in the NW PA area. They made cider in the barn and the whole place smelled like apples in the fall.
I remember when my Dad and Mom and my sister and I would go to the farm usually on Sundays, we'd sit up there on the porch. I guess the man who bought it just finally let the house go to ruin. How sad is that!

Apple blossom in the Spring. Can you imagine about 70 acres of these in bloom. What a beautiful sight.
There were tractor paths through the orchards that we used to run and play on. One path lead to the old cemetery where all the Wickershams are buried.
The house was probably built in the early 1800's and was at first a stage-coach stop. I just can't believe it is gone. As my sister said, we'll just never drive down that road again. Really upsetting!


  1. Oh Shirley! That's so sad! I wonder if the new owner discovered it was in such poor shape it couldn't be saved? I certainly hope someone is still going to live on and love the property and trees.

    When my grandparent's farm in Grove City, Ohio was sold, a family bought it and turned it into a showplace (hobby farm). Then I heard not too many years ago that it has been torn down and is now the site of the local landfill.

    I understand how your heart hurts! (((Hugs!)))

  2. I'm so sorry about this. At least you have your pictures and best of all your memories of the house, property and apples.

  3. That is truly upsetting - I hate to see when that happens to beautiful old homes! I have seen such places, showplaces years back - and they are let go to ruin - and I can't help but wonder what the original owners would have thought if they could have seen what was left of their labors....

  4. That's sad; I hate when a nice piece of history gets let go like that.

  5. Awww. Shirley you got a shock. So sad.

  6. Obviously I never knew the house, but have already fallen in love with the pictures and now I'm grieving it's loss. Can't imagine how much you, who knew and LOVED it are grieving!

  7. That is upsetting, such a beautiful farm and house! I'm glad you have some great pictures at least. Where was the historical society when this was happening? And as for straight farm lines 'GPS' is the answer to that question, even farming is a lot of 'techno' gadgets now too! Sorry for the loss. . .

  8. I should think you are upset!
    What a terrible shame. Terrible shock for you too.
    Hugs and Love SUex

  9. Oh I'm so sorry -- this is exactly how we all felt when my grandparents farm just went to ruin! It just makes you sort of sick doesn't it? Thankfully I painted a picture for my Dad of the way it was when I was a little girl -- he treasures that.

  10. Shirley, it is a great loss. I'm sure you are grieving because a place like that is like a family member.

    I used to go to my grandfather's 60 acre farm and the house was built around the same time as this one. It was a magical place and I grieve for it often.

    It fell out of the family and last I heard it was in very much disrepair. I haven't the heart to drive down that road myself.

    Sad for you. At least you have the pictures and I am sure your home now was influenced by that special place.

  11. p.s. the picture I use for my profile is from Hayward's farm - my special place.


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