Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Barn Cats

The Cats We Brought

When we left the other barn to come here, we brought 3 cats. They lived in Michele's basement until the one recovered from being spade and the other got over her cold.
After bringing them here and having them in a wire cage for a few days , Michele let them loose. They are still around so that's good!!
The first two photos are of "Grandma Kitty". We call her that because she had multiple litters before we had her fixed and she was "Grandma" to lots of kittens in the other barn.
She is super friendly and follows you around wanting to be picked up. She's a good mouser.

This is "Pepsi", named because her brother was called "Sprite". She is friendly and was just spade before we brought her here.
Also a good mouser.

Now, the light gray cat (of course not seen here), is pretty feral and likes to either go hunting for days at a time or goes into this hidey hole which leads to a broom closet. Sorry, I wasn't fast enough to get her picture. I'll try again another day!
The owner's cats have not mingled with these guys yet.



  1. Oh, they're purrrfect! I LOVE cats!

  2. Hi Shirley!

    I just love gray tabby cats! These loves are lucky to have such a great home. We have been considering a couple of farm cats, since the dozens of ground squirrels (and a few mice) wrecked our vegetable garden this year. We don't have a barn, but do have a nice pump house they could use as comfortable cover.


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