Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Thrifty Buys

September Bargains

I hadn't been to Goodwill or really on any thrift buying adventures since we moved the horses. So when my sister was visiting we went shopping!

From Goodwill I got:
Three white Meaken English ironstone plates for $.50 each. I wish there had been more, I really love the ruffled edge.

Three red transfer plates for $.50 each

Set of four each of the three sizes of these pretty blue and white dishes. The smalls were $.50 each and the 4 large dinner plates were $1.00 each

2 books for $1.00 each

Six silver (colored) chargers from Hobby Lobby on sale for $1.00 each. You can never have too many silver chargers!

I almost didn't get this floor basket because it was $10.00 at Goodwill. (Usually over my limit) But it is handmade and signed and I'm really glad now that I did get it. I love the way it looks and serves it's purpose very well.

I got these two little fellows at JoAnn Fabrics on their 90% off summer sale!!!! I don't really know what makes them summery but hey, I'm glad someone did! They had each been $12.95 so I ended up paying about $1.29 each!!!! I was only going to get the sheep but my sister said, "Oh, you can't just leave the little cow there by itself." So they both came home with me.

Now the rest of this red and white ware is from Marshalls. I just was in a red mood I guess and everything seemed to go together so well. I don't remember the exact prices but most was on sale.

Oops, wait, the teapot and cup and the plain red plates I got at Goodwill really cheap, (or I mean inexpensively)

Loved the hummingbird on these desert plates.

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  1. Great finds Shirley :o)
    I'm loving the blue and white plates (of course!) what a bargain, and yes those humming birds sure are sweet. Your handmade basket is a real treasure - and SO useful too. I'm betting the American Country book is going to be good reading and good ideas. I'd certainly have got them had I seen something similar ;-)

  2. Hi Shirley, What great finds. Oh the little faces on the cow and the sheep! I couldn't leave one behind either. Jane xx

  3. Hi Shirley, You have alot of great finds! Better watch ut or you will need to find a bigger cupboard to keep it all :-)))) I bought alot the summer at garage sales and am still trying to get it all tucked in :-)
    Thanks for visiting me!

  4. Hi Shirley,
    First, GREAT name, that's my mother's name! She would love to live in your Shirley's world also. Second, great finds! I have so many of that pattern of the white plates you got. Some are J.G. Meakin, some are Johnson's Brothers and another English company I can't remember. I just can't pass them up, I collect ironstone.

    Thank you so much for visiting Elizabeth Ann's, I hope you'll come back soon.

    Elizabeth Ann

  5. Looks like you hit it big at Goodwill! Those red transferware plates are gorgeous. And those hummingbird plates are great. Love the square shape.

  6. Love the pink and white plates - You know how to shop for sure. Your newest follower!

  7. Wow what great finds!! I think our goodwill is over priced! Those plates at my goodwill would of easily been $5.00!

    That cow and sheep is soo cute I am glad you didn't leave the cow!!

    The Olde Farmhouse - I just bought one at an antique shop (it wasnt an antique but i liked it) but mine says "Olde Farmhouse" And looks just like that!


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