Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Barn and Kid Stuff

I spent the whole afternoon yesterday at the barn because my daughter was there too. It was hot! We didn't ride but just fussed over the horses a little. I got all of Preacher's burrs out of his forelock, mane and tail! Of course he was back out today. Then I was about to leave, in fact drove to the end of the drive and felt really guilty that the horses would have to lay down in a dirty stall so went back and cleaned Echo and Preacher's stall. I went into Preacher's stall with the last bucket to fill and flung the door shut. Well, it slid too far and I could not get it open. I was trapped in his stall!!! (Well, I could've crawled out the headstall) but I knew Pam was on her way. I was sweating like anything by the time I was rescued!!!
Today was babysitting. Little Jack got my salt and pepper shakers when I wasn't looking and salted my whole family room!!!!!!!! Well, I suppose it could've been worse . . . it could've been sugar!


  1. Oh dear. That's too bad about you being trapped in the stall. And I would have loved to see Jack in action with that salt shaker. I'll bet it was really cute. Not easy to clean up though.

  2. Oh my! Glad you got rescued! Burrs - nasty things! Do you spray Show Sheen on their manes and tails to get them untangled?

  3. I use Cowboy Magic. It allows the burrs to slid out without any cutting!


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