Monday, September 6, 2010

Can Somebody Tell Me?????

What Are These??

These are things in the pasture. Can someone tell me . . . . . . . .

Are these elderberries???????
The leaves don't look right to me.
If not, what are they??

And are these crabapples?????
I hope so because my horses are eating these apples. (But not the purple berries, In fact it doesn't seem that the birds are eating the berries either)



  1. HiShirley
    No they aren't elderberries - no idea what they are though as the leaves look more like
    hazel (!)
    Yes, the others DO look like crab apples :o)

  2. Hi, I do believe that the top picture is a Viburnum (there are lots of varieties of them. It all depends on the shape and the height.) And yes, and birds may eat some of the berries but for the most part they hold on through the winter.

  3. I have no idea on the berries but the other is crab apples. My father in law had one for many years and the mess was just too much to take care of when he got older and he had it removed.

  4. I am not sure about them. Since different parts of the country grows different things, I do no recall seeing them around here. The apples do remind me of crab apples though.

  5. I have no idea either, but your photos are really great!

  6. I have no idea what the berries are, but the other ones are crab apples. I'll bet your horses love them!

  7. For the first pictures, I think but I'm not sure, about "aralia spinosa"
    Youo can check on internet. There are different aralia, some for indoor and the other ones for outdoor...
    have a nice day


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