Friday, September 10, 2010

A Thing About Horse Fencing

When Horses Get Spooked

This happened early last spring at our last boarding barn. This happened when either a couple horses got into a tiff or spooked and it set off the whole herd in the left pasture. They ran blindly through the fencing into the right pasture where another herd was.
The electric fencing was off or it probably would not have happened at all BUT here is the good news.
Not one horse was injured at all!!! Just think what a tragedy this would have been if this would have been just thin wire fencing or Heaven forbid, barbed wire! Also the pastures are fenced with no climb horse fencing which means when the horses ran across the downed fence, their hooves didn't get caught. If this had been regular farm or cattle fencing, for sure a hoof would've gotten caught and probably devastating injuries would have occurred.
So even in this accident we learned very important things.


  1. Looks like the posts just snapped off at ground level? I have barbed wire. We use electric fencing and once in a while have to replace the plastic insulators, but generally have little trouble with the horses breaking out. Candy did slip out twice, though, when we forgot to plug the fence back in....two strand hot wire, and she let it ride up over her withers...and tipp toed out of the pen!

  2. wow, i am so glad none of them were hurt. how scary.

  3. Yikes! They really plowed that fence down. Glad none of them were hurt.


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