Thursday, September 23, 2010

Simple Crock Pot Roast

I haven't been doing that much cooking lately but this week as the temperatures cooled outside a little, it got me back in the mood. I'm linking up with Michael Lee's blog, Designs by Gollum for "Foodie Friday".

I got the good old crock pot out and picked the simplest of all the recipes! I mean SIMPLE!!

I normally don't eat red meat but this chuck was on sale for $2.29/lb this week.
After you don't eat red meat for a few years, you pay for it the next day with a belly ache but I must say this still tasted delicious!

I cut the piece of chuck into two pieces, put it in the crock pot and poured an envelope of Lipton's onion soup over it.

2 cans of cola equals one 24 oz. bottle of Pepsi. (no diet cola)

Pour it in there, cover and cook on low for 7-8 hours.

It was one of most wonderful tasting roasts I have ever had!!!!
Sorry about the photo. I did the unmentionable! I took a photo of food with a flash!
But it really looked and tasted wonderful. The juice to this is unbelievable!


  1. It looks delicious and tender. I will try this soon. Have a great weekend! La

  2. I've heard of this recipe but never tried it, sounds good!

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