Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meeting Day at the Barn

Well, the meeting at the barn with our newly formed "Kindred Acres Farm Group" went well. We discussed various topics and we're all still alive to tell about it. Emmie the barn cat tried to get in our food but we told her "Not till AFTER the meeting!"

I got some movies of the horses running out to the pasture today in the cooler weather but it will take me a couple days to get them on YouTube. Tomorrow I have GOT to stay home and do some wash!!!!!
We measured all the horses today and used the formula to get an idea of what they all weigh. Of course little Satire is only about 830 lbs. , Preacher is a little over 1100 lbs and Big Boy Echo is over 1300 lbs. I forgot the exact weights. Pam wrote them down in our barn book.
That's it for today.

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