Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Head Set

Echo's New Gear

I've been trying to get a good head set on Echo for over a year on my own with out any special gear. Well, he will put it down when I give pressure when riding at a walk or at a trot but as soon as I release, he pops back out again. Thus he is hardly ever collected and the canter is then hard to ride. So he gets to wear these side reins in his stall for 20 minutes every day. He doesn't seems to mind except for the first day when he backed up all over his stall. Then he got the idea. We'll see if this helps.
Any one have any other ideas? I've tried Clinton's and Chris Cox's ideas. I follow them both and have trained Echo using all their methods to this point.

Shirley (and Echo)


  1. Very pretty horse!! When asking for a headset, I ride with an active hand. I "roll" the bit in the horses' mouth while pushing him forward onto the bit with my seat and legs when asking him to 'give'; when he does, I release, then if I can feel the animal start to raise his head, I "roll" and push again. Done first at the walk, then trot, until the horse 'gets' the idea. Later on at the canter.


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