Monday, September 27, 2010

Working With Echo

Bend Horse Bend!

I'm working on Echo's headset and also getting him to bend in his body. His neck is very flexible and I can bend his nose to my boot with two fingers on the rein with no problem but he doesn't respond to my leg when I'm riding him. He needs to be more flexible in his ribcage.

Today when I rode him I can just start to feel that he is getting the idea! It was a mini breakthrough day : ))
Michele will ride him tomorrow.



  1. It is so cool to see this. I would have no idea what it takes.

  2. Shirley: I do clicker training with Apollo and it works in the saddle too. It was part of how i worked with him to get him to bend. When in the saddle, I would hold a treat in my hand and ask him to bend on each side. When he did, I would 'click' and then treat. It helped :) If your horse is clicker trained, give it a shot ;)

  3. Congrats - apparently you have found a way to connect with him.


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