Saturday, September 12, 2009

Around the Barn

This is the barn where we board our horses. It is 17 min. from my house but it takes Michele 30 min. from her's. That's why we would like to find a house I could love as much as mine which is also a horse property, because it is very expensive to board 3 horses!! I'm just depending on God for that one!

Watering the arena, I guess, has become my job! Unpaid of course. But if I don't do it, it doesn't get done and it becomes way to dusty to ride!!

My saddle rack with Echo's saddle.

Preacher! You are so busted!!!


Satire, a 29 yr. old arabian.

Michele (my daughter) with Satire.

He'll follow her anywhere.

Going into the arena to do some work.
You can see my entire gallery at:
Lots more photos and movies.

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  1. What a lovely facility. I must admit it is nice to go outside and have my horses right there. I've done both - boarded and kept them at home. (I often board in the winter as winter here can be challenging.)

  2. Nice photo gallery! I have my horse at home, but living in the woods, I have no arena to ride in, and can just go down the roads here. I hate it, but love taking care of Suzy myself. No pasture, but we did find a good hay source last year, thankfully. Would love to go riding with you sometime!!! Tally HO!


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