Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Re-Do of My Dog, Rocky

Thanks Chari for giving us a chance to re-post some of our favorites. Please visit Chari at Happy To Design at: She'll have the list of all the participants.

This is just a re-do of a little post about my dog Rocky, because I love him! The first two photos are of him when he was real young, just a pup. He's 8 yrs. old now and I've noticed him slowing down a little and sleeping more during the day. Hunting season is just about here and he will over do it and be all stiff the next day but that is what he loves. I give him Cosequin now for his joints. I hope it will help. I know I hate being stiff and sore!!!

These two photos are more recent. That's his favorite ball!

I know, everybody loves their dog. Well they should if they don't! Rocky is an English Pointer who my husband "got for me" so he could hunt with him!! He is a great hunter and field trial dog but when he's at home he's definitely my couch dog!! He does run a lot around the house outside if anyone dare jog down the road. He is 8 yrs. old now and is slowing down a little. Of course neutering him helped too. My husband would never take him to have neutered. After Jack died, it was one of the first things I had done. Why are guys so weird about that?? Rocky (Rockford) is great company for me, and is a big chicken at heart. He's a gun dog but is afraid and shakes at fireworks and thunder! He doesn't even like it if you snap the balls in bubblewrap!! Oh well, he is my Rocky and I love him!

Have a great Sunday everyone.


  1. He's so cute. You can just tell he's a sweety.

  2. Rocky looks like a great friend to have around the house. Cute photos! Have a wonderful Sunday. ~ Sarah

  3. Awww, he sounds like our Katie Girl, she is a 7 yrs old Beagle, and she loves to run Rabbits, she will run all day long and then collapse on the floor that night to sore to move.
    We do love our dogs.

  4. Dogs are the best aren't they? I'm glad you have Rocky to keep you company. We have a Bichon Frise named Chloe. She only pays attention to me if my husband isn't around. The sun rises and sets on him in her world. But I love her just the same and I am her primary caregiver. But he bonded with her as a puppy when he had broken his leg and had to stay home from work. When he gets mad at her for something she comes to me to be her friend. They are so funny.

  5. I could kiss him right smack square on the lips. Yup right on the lips. He is so special. What a doll.

  6. Cute dog & cute story. Thanks for reposting this. I wish we had a dog. We do have a cat we love, but it's not the same as a dog.

  7. The picture of him on the hammock should be made into a card that says "The Dog Days of summer'! LOL too cute!

  8. Hi Shirley...

    Hope that you're having a super Sunday, my friend! Awwww...I just love your Rocky! I can just tell from the photos that he's a sweetheart...he's a beautiful dog! We don't have a dog...have cats at our place, but your sweet photos make me want one! I bet he is a great companion...that's fabulous!!! I love Diann's idea (in the comment above) about making the photo of Rocky in the hammock into a card that says, "The Dog Days of Summer"...that's just too cute!!! Hehe!

    Well my friend, I'm so happy to see you and Rocky for Sunday Favorites this week...thank you so much for participating...this is a great post!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  9. What a personality it just shines through. What a great friend he is for you. Thanks for sharing I know how special dogs are as I have two I rescues.


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