Friday, September 25, 2009

Guess What I Did Today!

The dryer fix-it man still hasn't come out. Maybe over the weekend. Soooooo, I washed some things this morning and since it was going to be such a great day out, I enjoyed hanging clothes! On my way home from the barn today I stopped and bought a new clothes line. This one was really wimpy. I was so afraid I'd come home to find all the clothes on the ground, but it held.
And what did you do today? : ))


  1. Shirley-it's been a long time but I remember talking to my grandmother while she hung clothes out to dry or making a mad dash when rain started falling :)--some good memories. Hope your dryer is fixed soon--memories or not,I still prefer the convenience of a dryer :)

  2. Oh those were the days huh? I remember helping my mother hang out the wash. I loved the smell of the clothes after drying in the fresh air. But I also remember the stiffness of them on a cold cold day. Ah you've gotta love those modern conveniences. Hope your dryer is fixed soon.

  3. I love the scent of clothes hung outside to dry! I live on a golf course and can't really hang mine like that... but I do... hehehehe... A few at a time or a blanket... here and there... or pillow cases! Great post!

    ~Really Rainey~


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