Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Thrift Store Finds 9/16

This will be a double post this week. Goodwill Goodies on Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday. Please visit them both. Here is Leigh's site at Bloggeritaville. http://lbratina.blogspot.com/

Brittany at Dalomba Days is starting "Goodwill Goodies" on Wednesdays. Stop by and add yourself to her list of participants. You'll find her here: http://jobandbrittany.blogspot.com/

Look Below!
Yes, I got him at Goodwill!!!!! I practically lunged at him thinking he must have a big crack or something but no, he's in perfect shape. Eat your hearts out all you other rooster people!!!! : ))
He is a cookie jar!

Here's his little face. I paid more than I usually do at GW but he's a rooster and you never see them there. He was $8.00. (then I got 20% off : ))

Look, someone made him with love, 33 years ago!!

I love this snowman cookie jar!! It even has a seal to keep the cookies fresh. He was only $4.00.

This little snowman is, I think, a photo holder. He was just so sparkly! 25 cents

A cute cookie tin for Christmas $1.00.

These brown roosters are S&P shakers. ($2.00) The little hen is made of canvas. ($.50)

I got 6 of these brass napkin rings for $1.00. I think they're cute.

This little brown granite ware coffee pot I'm going to put a fall arrangement in. I think it was $1.00.

Three more silver napkin rings ($.50 ea.) and another candle plate ($.50). All shined up with Wrights Silver Cream Polish.
Good luck to everyone at the thrift stores. I just found a new one today. It's a Thrift Store sponsored my Hospice of Medina.


  1. What a beautiful rooster cookie jar. What a great find, he is perfect.

  2. i LOVE your holiday decor and the polka dot rooster is my fav!! thanks for linking up this week!

  3. Hi Shirley- Life's Treasures will have a holiday shop, two store fronts to the north.
    The holiday shop opens the first week of November. This thrift has just celebrated it's 3rd Anniversary. I found it about 18 months ago- we were moving and I had so many things to donate. I still stop in about once a month because they get such nice things!
    Which Goodwill do you go to? Great finds! TM

  4. Hi Anonymous??, I go to the GW up on 18. Thanks for the info!

  5. Great finds this week. Love your rooster cookie jar!!

  6. Geez...can I move in with you and we'll go thrifting together?!? Such great finds. I can't believe the deals you got!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  7. Oooh! Great finds!
    I'm not into roosters, but that first rooster IS gorgeous! And I love that it was handmade (on the year I was born too!)

  8. Love the cofeepot. That will look so pretty done up in an Autumn arrangement!

  9. I love that rooster, dressed in his colorful best! He has character! Great finds my friend!Thanks for linking up this week!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  10. I love your cookie jar finds!! I collect cookie jars ... but that rooster made for "my sweety" was a real score!! You found some great stuff this week.

  11. All your things are lovely, but that rooster cookie jar!!!! I'd have wanted him too, and I'm not EVEN in the market for any roosters!!!

  12. I like the snowman cookie jar because you can keep it out all winter. The fact that it has a seal to keep cookies fresh - priceless!


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