Saturday, September 12, 2009

Of Women and Horses

The Connection
A lot has been written about the psychological closeness between women and horses. I don't think it's truly understood. All I know is that it's a fact of life. There comes a time in almost every little girl's life when she falls in love with horses. It happened to me so early, I don't even remember my age. I do know that my mother told me that one of my first words was "sorky" which meant horsey to me then. I remember cantering like a horse where ever I went; my bike was a horse, I drew horse pictures on everything I owned and when we went to an amusement park and my parents suggested I ride on the carousel on something other than a horse, I thought they were nuts!! My sister and I took riding lessons when young. My sister wasn't really taken with it; I was in heaven. Well I passed it down to my daughter. Until that dreaded age when girls discover boys and bands, she cantered around too and all her friends had to call her "Horse". (Yes, you Michele : ))
I read somewhere that women who own horses, a large percentage of them would give up their husbands before their horses. So the really smart husbands of those horsewomen allow them all the time they need with their horses.

A horse, they say is the cheapest psychotherapist you could ever have. Horsewomen know that to be true. It's not even just the riding, it's being around the horse, talking to them, touching them, grooming them, for gosh sakes, even mucking their stalls!! It's their deep eyes, their intelligence, their smell. It's the wonder and satisfaction you get when you finally understand how they think about something and when you can get them to understand you. It's the kindness they give back to you for the kindness you give them.
I took a long time to rediscover horses after my younger days. Life happens, careers, marriage, children, then there was that nagging feeling again. All I needed was an excuse and I got it. A class and riding lessons called "Mares and Menopause"!! (Thank you Joy)
Well there's one more thing I can think of about all this. For the horse . . . "Every horse deserves, during sometime in their life, to be loved by a little girl".


  1. This was so interesting! I grew up afraid of most animals; I conquered my fear of dogs in my mid-20s and have gone on to own quite a few, and rescue and rehabilitate many dozens. But Horses? Love them at a distance, but I would never ride one -- too high for this afraid of heights person.
    How wonderful for you to re-discover your love of them; I hope you get that horse property someday.

  2. Shirley, love this post, I too fell in love with horses as a girl, but didn't get my own until later in life. . .I can totally understand your passion, are the pictures of you and your horse?

  3. I am totally with you. I grew up with horses and remember the days of playing "horse". Than after my late teen years of boys and partying, and finally settled down, I knew that horses were my real passion, and wanted to own one again! That became reality 5 years ago. Now I have 2 and am loving every minute of it. I couldn't ever go back to not having horses in my life!!
    Great post!

  4. I too always wanted a horse as a little girl. When I grew up we had 4 of them and my daughter also loved them. She rode like she was born on a horse. Bareback mostly. That was in another lifetime it seems, it was so long ago, but I still have the lovely memories and remember the smell and feel and soft nose of the horses I had. I love that.

  5. My parents always thought I'd outgrown it and I never did. I even by-passed the teenaged boy crazy stage because I was so serious about my riding. lol It's now been 28 years and my relationship with my horses continues to run strong. I can't imagine life without them. :)

  6. Loved reading this post - reminds me of myself years ago, and even now. We made the decision to sell my hubby's horse a month or so ago but I have kept my mare Suzy - I've owned her for 17 of her 24 years on this earth - and a dear friend she has been to me, traveling from Illinois to Michigan, to Illinois, and back to Michigan one last time! Play days, show days, trail rides, driving country roads - a beautiful companion, as long as the Good Lord permits me to, she will be mine.

  7. This is a nice post from my mommie. I am very thankful and because of her (and God), I have my arabian...Satire. Even if I go to the barn in a crap mood by the time I leave, even if I dont ride, Satire has "fixed" my mood. : ) To all my mom's blogging friends, thank you for inspiring her and giving her an artistic outlet- she really enjoys this.
    Enjoy life, you only go around once. Your next pet, go to the pound and save a life or rescue a stray- You will never regret it.


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