Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer Rain

Thanks Chari for hosting this event. It's a nice easy one for Sundays : ))
Please go see what all the participant have re-posted of their favorites this week at "Happy To Design".

I decided to re-post this one as a sort of farewell to summer. Although this was in the Spring, this photo really has the feeling of summer for me. I had just gotten the table and chairs out of the garage. Heaven knows I used them a lot in tablescaping this summer since I STILL don't have a dinning room set!!
So Enjoy
(Remember you can click on picture and view it large)

Everything smells so fresh and is that wonderful
spring green. I don't use the picnic table much except to sit down a few minutes at. Since my husband died, I don't get much company for meals. Actually my dog Rocky thinks it's a great vantage point as he stands on top of the table. The ice cream set we got a long time ago when we had an antique shop. I don't remember if I got it at an auction or an estate sale but it's a winner! I gave it to my parents as a gift one Christmas for their screened in porch. I was just thinking back about having suppers out there at their house years ago on this table and chairs. When they passed away, I got the set back. I do use it quite a bit even if it's just me having a cup of coffee in the summer. My husband's best friend, Steve, built the low deck for us. I've got to buy some new cushions this year for a couple other outside chairs I have. They've really gone up in price this year. They are about $30. each even at Walmart!


  1. I love the rainy picture! It is so calming. I know what you mean about the ridiculous price of seat cushions! Did you get new ones for the summer?

  2. I do remember this post Shirley and recall enlarging it to take in the beautiful rolling hills, the hostas and the ferns.
    A really special spot to sit. The dog is never wrong.

  3. Shirley,

    You have a beautiful patio here with a gorgeous view!! Hopefully by now you have a dining set!!

    You sound almost as meloncholy as that rain. Loss is hard and change is hard. You can find my email on my blog if you ever want to talk...


  4. Hey Shirley, I want to thank you for stopping by today and leaving the sweet comment about my missing cat Domino. Thank you, it means a lot. I am having a hard time dealing with it. I still haven't seen him. We are going on day 3 now.
    I love your blog. I'll be back to visit!

  5. Hi Shirley! I love the way everything looks so clean and fresh after a summer rain. Here in my part of California, we almost never get rain during the summer, and I miss it!

    You have a beautiful spot there! I hope you can enjoy it often, Chris

  6. There is nothing quite like the smell of the air after a gentle rain. Fresh, clean, and renewed. I hope your life will be someday be renewed and you will be happy once again.
    :-) Sue

  7. Hi Shirley, I know what you mean about how everything is fresh again after a rain. we had some good rain yesterday and the sun came out in the afternoon and it all looked so clean and fresh. Hope you are having a good weekend. Love the picture too by the way.

  8. Your deck is gorgeous, even in the rain. The setting made me think "midwest" so I went to your profile and BINGO - - - I was right!!! You're my "neighbor" over there in Ohio.

  9. Hi Shirley...

    So sorry that I'm getting by so's been a busy holiday weekend! I'm so glad that you joined in with the fun of Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend...this is a great post!!! WOW...what a fabulous photo and such a gorgeous view! I do believe that you caught all of the magic of a rainy Spring day!!! I sure have enjoyed this beautiful view from a few of your tablescapes...thank you for sharing it with us!!!

    My friend, although we have just met...I really would like to say how sorry that I am that you lost your husband. I really can't imagine how difficult that would be...losing your spouse! I'm just so sorry!!! The two of you built a beautiful home together! I really am excited about seeing more of it!

    Hoping that you are having a relaxing Labor day...
    Warmest wishes,


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