Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Re-Do of Spender is in the Grass

Thank you again Chari for hosting Sunday Favorites. You all jump over to her site at "Happy To Design" and see what all the participants have put on again. You can find them at:

This is my Favorite Things post, a redo of "Spender is in the Grass" from this spring. Please visit my whole blog however because today I also have a post and lots of photos from "At the Barn".

Our little herd of three horses got an hour on the new grass pasture today. I've been weaning them onto the new spring grass as to not let them have too much sugar and risk the chance of colic. They love it and just bury their heads down there and munch! Now that they're up to an hour they will be able to go out for maybe a half day in the next few. When I tried to get them back through the gate to their regular "dirt" pasture I had to get behind them and encourage them with a couple snaps of the whip. Satire, the little arab, was the last to give up and go on through! A day at the barn with the horses is the best medicine , psychologically speaking, you can have. Of course, I guess you have to be a horse person. My sister wouldn't think that was very relaxing! Even if I don't ride, just being around the horses or grooming them does something for my inner me.


  1. A lovely photo and sentiment. Thanks.

  2. Hi Shirley...

    So nice to have you join in with us for Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend! I have really enjoyed all of your posts that you've been sharing with us about your beautiful horses!!! Girl, I didn't know that new sweet grass has sugar in it and could cause colic in a horse! I learned something new today! So very interesting! Ohhh yes, I bet those beauties really enjoy that sweet grass!!!

    My friend, I think it's absolutely fabulous that you love and take such enjoyment with your lovely horses! Life is so much sweeter when we have a passion!!!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend!

  3. I always wanted a horse growing up. But I'm sure I wouldn't have liked taking care of them. I tend to be a "have fun" kind of girl, not a "do the work" kind. Always have, always will. Glad to hear you so enjoy everything about horses. The photo of the horses is great.


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