Friday, September 11, 2009

Cloche Party, Late Again!

Thanks Marty for having this cloche party again. I'm way down on the list so I hope people will be patient and find me. The list of participants is large and can be found at:

Well, it wouldn't be a party without sweets. Here's to fall.

A really small little nest I found a few years ago. It's not small enough for a humming bird so I don't know what bird built it. It is lined with very soft fibers and feathers.

One of my favorite little bears. Can he breathe in there?

Sorry about the bad photo. This duck figurine was my fathers. I always think of him when I see it.

This could've probably been used for the party . It is an antique canary cage that the miners used to take into the mines with them. If the canary died, they'd better get out! Anyway because I'm running so late, I didn't have time to clean it. It is very dusty and would take some delicate cleaning.
Now, I'm going to enjoy all your beautiful ideas.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Shirley...I love all your choles's but that cage really made my heart skip a beat...Just loved it...Thanks for sharing...May you have a great weekend girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Oh Shirley, I am so glad you joined the party. Your cloche is just gorgeous and the little nest is so cute. I love the cute little bear also, I have a collection too and they are all so special.The duck figurine is such a special keepsake. Don't you love that you can see something and have such sweet memories. I havn't seen a canary cage like that. Very interesting and so neat. Thanks so much for joining the party. I have had a ball visiting everyone and seeing all their creations. Hugs, Marty

  3. Hi Shirley,
    Love the little nest. I have one with a little bird in a bird cage...didn't think of taking a picture and posting Love the birdcage and the miner's story. I had heard that before as well.

    I found you. . . even way down on the list. Please stop by and say hello.

  4. Hi Shirley! Love your little cloches, especially the nest. I love nests but had to buy a fake one, couldn't find a real one!

    The canary cage is wonderful, maybe you can decorate it for the next cloche party. Have a nice weekend!

  5. Hi Shirley,
    What a lovely blog you have. I think all your cloche displays are very lovely...I especially liked the one with the nest. It's my favorite. I found a nest too this summer. Not sure what kind of bird nest it is either, but it sure is cute. Thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  6. I am late too...great cloches...but I love the canary cage....very cool!

  7. Your cloche display is just fantastic! You have captured fall beautifully.

  8. Your cloches are fabulous! The nest is sweet. I would venture to guess it was built by a finch or titmouse. Their eggs are very small.

    I love the 2nd cloche, it must bring back so many memories...

    The party was fun, wasn't it?


  9. hey girl. Love that your duck reminds you of your daddy. I have a few terrariums I could have used too but I was running really late too.

  10. Very interesting trivia about miners...I find it so sad for some reason! Really love your next cloche!

  11. I laughed when you asked if the bear could breathe in there. Too funny!!!!

  12. Lovely cloches...I love the little bear. I do hope he can breathe under the glass.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)


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