Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big Happening of the Week

Happenings of the Week in Shirley's World

This is a biggie! For me anyway. I finally got a dining room table!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(After not having one for over a year and a half I might add!)

Here is a picture I found in a very old 1986 Country Home magazine!

The table I purchased looks almost identical to that one!

I had been so close to spending almost $1300 to have a primitive plank board country table made for me. (And it would've taken 8-10 weeks to get!) I love the primitive look but I had seen this solid cherry long drop leaf table in the local antique mall a couple months ago. It was only $395. I almost bought it then but waited because I thought I wanted the more primitive one. I hunted all over for an old 6 ft. country table and couldn't find one. Before ordering the handmade table I went to the mall one more time and they had marked this table down to $325.!!!!!!! Was that a sign or what!!!
I sat in the parking lot and called my sister. (I do have a little trouble making decisions!) And then went in and bought it. It was delivered yesterday!!!!
I will be painting all my fan back windsor chairs black so they all match.

The finish is nearly perfect. (The cats have been warned!!)

I think I can still decorate with a lot of primitives. What do you decorators say out there????

I won't have to do anything to the china cabinet at the moment as it is cherry too. I hate the mirrored back it has. Eventually I'd like to get a more primitive looking cupboard.

Also, if I changed the rug in there it would change the whole look. But for now I guess it will have to look more colonial. I can put my dishes back in my china cupboard.
Now I can start doing my tablescapes on a real table and maybe have some girls over for tea : ))
Please tell me what you think about mixing colonial and primitive decor.



  1. Shirley-I think you made a good decision and a good deal too! That table is a classic! I love it. Can't wait to see your tablescapes!

  2. I love the table, and I love it in the room. Go ahead - - - be a bit eclectic!!! It'll be alright!

  3. Looks like a great table, and you can drop the leaves if you want so there's some flexibility, As far as mixing styles I think today you can do whatever you want to do--lots of variety is in, right?

  4. Ooooo....I am so jealous! I know you will enjoy that beauty!


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