Monday, June 28, 2010

Hot Day At The Barn

I'm linking this post to "Tuesday's Show & Tail" at Angela's great blog at West Virginia Treasures.

Hot Day At The Barn

It was near 90 and very humid. It rained during the night and in the morning so the horses were inside. They were all standing by their fans. It was too hot for riding too. I just let them out in the arena for awhile.



Now Echo had a little trailering lesson today. In an hour we didn't get him to go any further than two front hooves on the ramp and his head barely in the door. But we thought we'd better end on that positive note and continue next time!
Maybe we'll take some video of this whole fiasco!!


  1. Hey Shirley!

    Your horses are beautiful! I'll bet they can't wait for cooler temperatures! I know I can't wait for cooler temperatures myself!

    Thanks for sharing your horses with us this week!I hope it cools down for them.

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!

  2. Your horses are sooo beautifuL!!!
    Loving my So Cal weather!!!

  3. How lucky they are - fans for each of them??? NICE!!!
    The mare I currently own would not load when I first got her - we had to do the Hokey Pokey with each pair of feet for 20 minutes a day, and finally, success! Sometimes I still have to growl at her to "GET IN THERE!", but most of the time there is no problems anymore!!!

  4. Shirley,

    I think I found another kindred spirit! I grew up with horses and hopefully will be able to own some again. They are beautiful animals.
    Your blog is lovely and I will be returning. I too, live in a century + old home!


  5. Ahhh trailer training! Keep us posted on how that goes. I found that a lot of Linda Tellington Jones TTouch exercises helped me with my horse and loading.


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