Saturday, June 5, 2010

Re-run of Brave Rocky

I'm joining in on "Sunday Favorites" and showing you a re-run of my brave dog Rocky! Thank you Chari for hosting at Happy To Design. You can find us all here at the "party"!

I first posted this last fall 2009

This is my dog Rocky, an 8 year old English pointer. I'll tell you more about him as the weeks go on. He's a hunter, a gundog, a field trial dog and really a big chicken at heart!
Here's Rocky, very interested when the tree trimmers arrived at the house this morning. Keeping a close eye on them.

Hey . . . what was that??????

Rocky now hears the chain saws and the falling limbs, Oh My!!!!! Such a big brave boy!!!!!!!!!
(And oh, by the way, see that bite out my carpet on the edge!! . . . Rocky did that when he was a pup. Well, I couldn't just throw the carpet away, so there it is!)

This is Rocky actually trying to sit on my lap as I'm kneeled down trying to take photos of things for eBay! He needs reassurance about what all that noise is !

The tree trimmers are done and gone now. Rocky has to take a nap from all the stress!
That's my dog, my dear heart and my companion : ))


  1. Awww, poor Rocky! He just wants hs world to be peaceful!

  2. What is that little container Rocky wears around his neck? It looks like my teeth bleach tray holder!

  3. LOL. Keetha, thats his Invisible Fence thingie.

  4. Hello and a very happy (belated) Pink Saturday to you!!

    It's a very hot summerday in The Netherlands and I'm enjoying all pink posts in the garden! Love Es XX

  5. Hi Shirley...

    My friend, it's so very nice to have you for Sunday Favorites today! What a sweet post to revisit...your Rocky is quite the handsome fellow! He is a very stately fellow as well...I loved his stance while peering out the backdoor! I was reading the comments left above and I too had wondered what the little box was around Rocky's neck. invisible fence? I'm not aware of how those work but assume that it is some sort of device to keep Rocky nearby?

    Well my friend, thank you again for joining in with Sunday Favorites...sure did enjoy your post! Give Rocky a special thank you for me!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. He is just beautiful! My dog is afraid of plastic bags flying through the air. silly dogs.

  7. I'm way behind reading this week's PS posts. I'm so glad I read yours - wonderful!


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