Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Finds of the Week 6-24

I'm coming on down to Bloggeritaville to show off some of my thrifty buys of the week.
Find all the other blogger's things here:

All the things I found were from the two places I visit almost weekly. Goodwill and a great Thrift shop in town.
This cute little child's chair was $8.00

This one cup tea pot and tea cup were $5.00 at Goodwill. The teapot stacks and sits atop the teacup. It's a good size cup of tea!

This is my favorite of the week. This is a good size soup tureen with the matching ladle in a gorgeous blue and white pattern. It probably isn't old. It doesn't have any markings.

I couldn't believe the price when I saw the $6.95!!!!!!! I thought maybe they forgot to put a one in front! I love it.
It goes beautifully with my Blue Willow and a lot of other blue and white dishes I have.

I bought this flour tin for a couple dollars because I needed one more white thing on top of my cupboard! It's new.

Now here is a great deal too. (Same Thrift Shop) These are perfect for my dining room chairs that will be painted black very soon. (Really they will!)

Look at this!!! 6 of them for $4.00!!!!!!!!!!!

And last but not least for $1.95, a biscuit cutter. (Really a donut cutter but you can remove the donut hole cutter inside.)
Have fun out there you guys!


  1. G'eve, Shirley ~ What lovely finds. That chair is precious ... I wish we could find such lovelies in our GW, but that will never happen here.

    Have a beautiful summers eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. You did well!! That red chair is adorable and I like the flour canister too!

  3. What fantastic finds! I'm drooling over the tureen and ladle :o)

  4. Wow - you got some great finds there - love them all!!!

  5. Some people are just lucky in finding things at these type stores. Not me. We used a small can with the top cut out to cut our biscuits with. Nothing this fancy.

  6. That soup tureen is quite a find! it's beautiful!


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