Friday, June 18, 2010

Horses & Barn Cats

At The Barn

I went to the barn and rode Echo again today. I was the only one there so no one to take pictures of me riding. The horses were out in the grass pasture all this morning.

I also let Angus out this afternoon after bringing in the older, senior horses.

Satire is 30 years old so we like to bring him in out of the blazing sun when it's hot like today. So he's in his stall with is fan on.

I was looking up at the arena ceiling today. Boy they sure don't make barns like they used to!! The old barns have huge heavy beams and are all wood. These supports look like a bunch of match sticks to me. But I suppose the way they are all put together makes it strong. (Well, I hope so anyway!)

The Barn Cats

See this one's left ear. It is clipped by the vet and means she's been "fixed". They do that to the barn cats because when you're trying to catch the more ferrel cats you have to be able to see which ones need to still be neutered or spayed. Isn't she pretty?

Here's a mama and two of her kittens. We couldn't catch mama and she had a litter this spring.
Now we have to start all over again!!!

These kittens are pretty ferrel too and won't be easy to catch. My what big eyes he has!

This little guy wouldn't come down. Just peered over the hay bale.

Two more!

This little gray one is so fuzzy and cute. He (or she) will almost come over by you when you take food up to the loft.

There's another gray tabby that just had a litter in one of the empty stalls. We haven't been able to see them yet so we don't know how many. We almost caught that mama early in the spring but she got away from us. Now there's more kittens. So between those two mamas and some male out there, there's about 6 or 7 more cats to fix at $25. per cat!!! There's 3 or 4 of us boarders paying for all this and one girl that does all the driving and picking up of the cats!! We've already had about 7 cats done.
So people PLEASE spay and neuter!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Beautiful blog! Satire is such a handsome Arab! : )


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