Thursday, June 10, 2010

Salsa Fish plus Desert

Welcome to "Foodie Friday". A great party that Michael Lee from Designs By Gollum hosts every Friday. Check out her beautiful blog site and there you will find a list of all the participants with wonderful recipes!

I got this cookbook at Marshalls a couple weeks ago and have already tried a few recipes. All were good and this book also gives you weekly menus and shopping lists! (in case you need to get organized like me!!!)

Here's the recipe. Simple!

I didn't have any of the above fish mentioned so I used Tilapia. Any mild fish would be good.
I dipped the fish in buttermilk then Italian bread crumbs to coat.
I've started to use buttermilk for a lot of things! It's really great and adds good flavor.

I browned the fish in hot oil in a frying pan then put them in this baking pan. Added mild salsa and mozzarella cheese.

It came out just like the picture!! Served with sesame green beans and cole slaw.

Now for desert! Have to have that!!
This is my "Easy Danish" posted here:

Careful, it's addicting!!
Have a good Friday.
I'll be happily playing with the horses again.


  1. Oh Shirley, that is absolutely a scrumptious looking fish recipe! I am printing it right now and will try it so very soon! Thank you.


  2. Wow! Both the fish and the dessert look so delicious! I am heading over to check out the dessert now... thanks for posting!

  3. Shirley...this fish looks TERRIFIC! I am always on the lookout for new ways to do fish!


  4. First I have to compliment you on your beautiful china. Lovely.

    On to the fish - YUM! I love delicate white fish of any kind, and I just so happen to have a nice bag of tilapia in the freezer. I think we'll have this for dinner tomorrow.


  5. PS - Dessert has two S's. I can always remember because I'd like to have two servings of dessert :)


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