Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cheap Stuff

My Cheap (errr inexpensive) Finds

I found these two things at Goodwill. The serving bowl was only $1.00!! and so was the spoon rest. The blue and white bowl isn't old but goes with a lot of things I have.

Black and white cups for $.50 each go with some black plates I already have.

I love these little bowls. All four for $3.00. They're small. The biggest one is only about 8 inches in diameter.

I saw these at Marshalls and had to have them. I think they were $5.00. There's 4 little desert plates. I'm lovin' red more and more.

I just thought this little hand made doily was neat with the beads around the edge.
Well, those are my finds this past week. I'm linking with DebbieDoos for the first time. You can find her here:

Have a great week everyone and let me hear from you. I love your feedback.


  1. Love all your super finds! Makes you smile each time you use them doesn't it? Your lovely doily is beaded to weigh it down when placed over a continer to keep flies off....just imagine that jug of cream or milk with the dainty doily on your tea tray :o)

  2. Beautiful finds~
    I really think I need some of those polka dot plates!
    All of them are so charming and cheap, my favorite kind!

  3. Great mixing bowls! I have my eye out for a very large one to mix up large batches of goodies.

    Rose - Interesting fact on the doily!

  4. What great treasures! Love "thrift hunting" and it looks like a wonderful weekend bounty for you!

  5. Thanks Shirley for joining in on the fun!!~ You found some great stuff at Goodwill!~ I love black and white dishes. When I show my friends some of my scores their shock and amazement always crack me up...I tell them start thrifting! Have a great day, and I appreciate you joining in, I look forward to seeing you more:) Debbie

  6. Good finds for sure. How fun are those plates. I can imagine the tablescapes that are developing in you head.

  7. I'm lovin' looking at your soapstone counters in the background!

  8. Thanks for comenting on my blog.

    I love the cups. Are they enamalware?

    I love your house. Reminds me of my sister's.

  9. Hi Shirley, thanks for stopping by Shabby Tea Party. Isn't Goodwill a fun place to treasure hunt? I LOVE LOVE LOVE your header! It reminds me of growing up on the farm, I spent alot of time on a swing just like that and my Dad in the hammock on Sunday afternoons LOL.


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