Tuesday, June 22, 2010

OK, What the Heck??

It Happened Again!!

Bread Failure!!!!!!!!

My last two times I have used my bread machine, my bread did not raise. That is so discouraging. All those ingredients, and time and I get this!!

It should be twice the size. At least it came out of the pan this time without sticking.

It's very dense!! : )) It's like "pound bread". I'm eating it anyway. And I babysit tomorrow. I bet the kids will like it with enough of my wonderful strawberry freezer jam slathered on it!
What the heck is happening????
Maybe I should make bread the real old fashioned way. Like kneading it and all!

Well, this is on the menu so I'm linking it up with "Whats On The Menu" at Dining With Debbie". Visit her here: http://diningwithdebbie.blogspot.com/


  1. Oh Shirley, I bet if you put enough butter on that bread you made, it would be scrumptious! It looks wonderful to this bread lover!


  2. Check your yeast. Mix it well in a bowl with the warm water and some sugar and see if it foams up after a bit. If not then toss it all out.

  3. I agree, it's so disapointing when it goes wrong :o( It still tastes good though!
    I agree with check your yeast, if it's okay try adding 1/2 a crushed up (cheap) vitamin c tablet to the mix - it certainly helps with a wholemeal mix!

  4. It is your yeast or the machine... I never be able to do a very good bread in a machine. My daugther try it... and it was the same result.


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