Friday, June 4, 2010

First Pink Saturday in June

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!! I'm joining Beverly who hosts this meme every week. I'll do it as long as I can find those pinks!! Visit her blog and see everyones photos!

It's Pink Saturday Again.

This is a picture I showed earlier in the week of a real bargain I got on these pretty old dishes with the "pink roses", all for $2.00!!

Is there anything as beautiful and elegant as Foxglove? Here's a close-up. Mine are really showy this year!

Quick, look fast before I kill the poor little thing! I've never been able to raise African Violets. (and my mother was so good at it!!!) The reason this one looks so good is because it just came from the garden store! Pretty little pink ruffles.

This is a smoke bush. I don't know the real name. It's named that because when you stand back at this time of year when it's "blooming", it looks like a cloud of smoke around the tree (bush).

If you really strain your eyes and look close, there's tiny little pink hairs on each little stem that makes it look like that.

Here's a beautiful rose (name forgotten), that popped up from under the overgrown part of my garden! I should really clear that area out and rescue it!

Now, I bet practically everyone has one of these Knockout Roses by now but they sure are showy!
Hope you have a good weekend.


  1. Look at all your pinkness, HOW beautiful!! Shut-up!!! I fell off my chair... all of those dishes for 2.00... I am crying...Why cant I find bargains like that.

    Happy Pinkness. I could not do this weekend, will catch you all next time.

  2. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Love these foxgloves! Are you pressing them?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Thanks for the stroll through your garden- it's lovely!

    And I have to say I am so completely jealous about your dishes find! I collect dishes and i love getting them from garage sales and thrift stores! I never can find a deal that great- you are so very lucky!!!!!

    Happy PS!

    Do These shoes match this purse?

  4. Oh my gosh you have so many gorgeous blooms in pink. I have to admit, the china is priceless, what a find girlfriend. Happy Pink Saturday sweetie, Char


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