Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blue Monday, My Blue Balls and other things

I'm joining in with Smiling Sally for this fun party of "Blue Monday". Please visit her blog and see all the "blues".

Here They Are!

My blue dryer balls. I have to tell you that I am totally impressed! I've been using them for 2-3 weeks in at least 10 loads of laundry. They do everything promised. They fluff, soften and prevent cling in the clothes. The towels are more absorbent. And I will not have to ever buy dryer sheets again!! I have to admit that I first tried to get away with buying some cheap imitators for $3.95. They were hard and lasted exactly 2 loads before splitting in half. I then went and bought the ones advertised on TV. These are softer and bounce like a real ball. They're GREATTTTTTTTT!!

As promised, here is my 1 year old Grand-son for Blue Monday! This was today with his very own blue bucket full of sand! They were visiting at the barn today and both got to ride the "horsey".
(Although Jack was pretty engrossed in the whole arena of sand!!)

These next couple were last week at my house in the yard.

Just a quick note about this or I will tear up! This belonged to one of my most beloved dogs, Bear. He was the kindest and gentlest dogs I've ever had. He's waiting at the "Rainbow Bridge".

Well, this is in the blue family. My lupines are all starting to bloom. Note to self . . . Move these closer to front of garden as some other things are getting much taller than them!!

I'll end with one of God's most beautiful blues. The blue skies of May.
Have a great Monday.


  1. I haven't tried those balls yet. maybe I will have to soon!

    Lots of fun blues with the cutie!!

  2. Your lupines are goregeous. I haven't had any in my garden in years. They didn't seem to last. Maybe it's time to try again. Your grandson is a cutey. Happy blue Monday.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. Lovely photos. Your grandson is so cute! I once had those dryer balls but it has been so long that don't remember how I liked them. I just may have to try them again ;-)

  4. Your lupines are beautiful and Jack is adorable! I've never seen those dryer balls...I'll have to give them a try!

    Have a wonderful Blue Monday!


  5. Gorgeous photos of your grandson,and garden.
    Blessings - Jan

  6. Hey Shirley!!

    What a darling grandson!!!

    Loving your blue balls!!!

    Have a great, blue? week!! :)

  7. Jack's a cutie, and I'll be looking for those dryer balls!

  8. You have a gorgeous grandson, Shirley. Thanks for showing so many blues. Happy Blue Monday.

  9. What an adorable little guy! I've wondered about those laundry balls - thanks for the review! Happy Monday.

  10. Love when the little one visit. Sorry about you beloved Best Friend. We recently lost our pet bird. Beautiful flowers. I remember those drier balls, had some at one time. Gods skies are always blue and lovely.
    Here is my Blue Monday link for you I am a newby to this meme.

  11. Hi Shirley, your grandson is adorable!!!! I love the information about the washer balls. So interesting!

    Happy Blue Monday.


  12. Loved everything you featured today. You put different things together for a very nice blue. interesting post for today.

  13. A great post for this blue monday, your note about your dog made my eyes tear up.

  14. My 1st impression is WOW,,,love the header you have and of course,,I think the photos are soooo precious!!! Thanks MUCH for popping by my blog and leaving a comment for me.. They make my day!!! Hope to get to know you better..Sorry about Bear, it sounds as though he was very special to you.. Perhaps sometime you could tell me about what this Rainbow Bridge is ? I hear the expression once in a while but am just not sure. I have my ideas but please share with me..Thanks and Hugs from Iowa~~~Dena

  15. these are interesting :) we had the same ball, with a different color and I just dunno if it has the same too with what you have but we are using it as a stress ball.. whats the use of that in laundry? If i may ask :)

    oh any by the way your grandson is sooo cute :)

    u may view mine here

  16. I may try that too. I've heard that they do really work. You have a very cute grandson I bet it's fun to have him around. Happy Monday!


  17. So much fun blue here Shirley! Your grandson is a cutie pie!! Must be fun to chase him around...

  18. What a cute little guy! Dryer balls, huh? May have to look into those. Have a great day! ...Karen


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