Monday, May 3, 2010

Second Time Around 5-4

Hi all, I only found a few treasures this week but I'm showing them off here at "A Picture Is Worth 1000 Words" for 2nd Time Around Tuesday. Visit Diane's blog to see the list of other participants!

I hit two garage sales this week and got nothing!! So I went to a couple thrift stores and Goodwill! Here's what I came up with. I like the 4 clear salad plates . They were 50 cents each.
The wooden tray carrier was also 50 cents and the blue & white bowl was a quarter! Grandma's Recipe book was $2.00 and the little rooster was $2.50.

My favorite at $1.95 is this little old wooden bowl. Isn't it the cutest thing.

I collect old wooden bowls and I never had one this small!
I hope there are some good garage sales starting soon!! That's one of the best things about summer!!!!!!


  1. Hi Shirley,
    Oh, this makes me want to go thrifting this weekend! You found some cute things! I bet the recipes in your cookbook will be good ones! Love the cute little wood bowl...wonder if it's hand made?

  2. Very fun! Our yard sales have been missing vintage as well lately - thank goodness for thrift stores!


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