Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Too Pooped To Post

Today Was Babysitting Day

It was hot and humid outside but we went out for awhile this afternoon! They played in the little bit of water in the birdbath! (I really did put clean water in there to start off!) Then I took some pictures. Strange how kids never seem to get hot!
Then we went inside after much chasing and I made a big milkshake! I gave them some but I got the most!!!!

Then Mommy came at 5:15 PM, they all left and I made supper. By that time it was American Idol Results time. So I had to watch the whole two hour extravaganza. Lee won which sort of surprised me but I liked them both. Crystal will do well winner or not.
So this post is short because I'm tired.
I need to blog in the morning instead of at night but there is always too many other things I have to do and I feel guilty for some reason sitting on the computer! Do you all feel like that??

Goodnight all,


  1. Oh Shirley, i can relate. I barely got my tablescape done and post up today. but it's much more important to enjoy those little ones.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. What delightful sweeties you have there. Yes, I dont know why children dont get hot like we adults do. I see adults at parks soaking wet just sitting there but the children are cool as cucumbers.

    I am glad that Lee won, Crystal will do very well on her own now. She will be like Clay and make it without the title. I would not be surprised if she does not already have a contract in the works.

    I like the morning better for blogging and late evening when all is quiet. Its midnight and I just got finished cutting my hair. This way I can get it done after hubby goes to bed. He always needs something when I start a project.

    Hope you rest up.

  3. What beautiful grands you have! Us "Grannys" understand the pooped part!

  4. Hello sweet friend! Yes, of course I can relate! I think we all can. I think all of know that we are doing our best to keep up and when there isn't a post every single day, or that many of us don't get to all the different blogs to visit...I think we all understand.
    I have heard of some hurt feelings because someone has seen someone post a comment on one blog and didn't visit theirs.
    I miss so many...and yes, I feel guilty about that... don't think you should feel guilty for being on the computer. I might have at one time in my life...but no more. This is my time of life. I enjoy blogging and it a way of relaxing, joy, and creativity to me. It is time I give to myself at this late time of my life.
    It is an outlet.
    Please enjoy. You deserve it!

  5. p.s. those babies are adorable! Yes..yes they are!!


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