Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My 1st White Wednesday

This will be the first week I've joined in with Kathleen at Faded Charm for "White Wednesday".

Misc. Whites

This is the handkerchief that I carried as "something old" at my wedding to Jack.
It was old then, so who knows how old it is now!!

This is even much older! This was my mother's baby bonnet! It is very fragile all hand made with silk and tatting on it. I plan on making a shadowbox for it to preserve it.

The old white chair with red geraniums on my back deck.

The next three pictures are of 2 beautiful beings. One is a horse and one is his owner. This white arabian is 34 years old and still going strong. His name is Rauls.

This is William on Rauls. William's birthday is today. He is 88 years old. He owns 3 horses and rides 3-4 times a week. He has a doctorate and was a college professor in finance. He was a WW II war hero; a flyer of course! He likes to go fast!
My daughter and I met William when we first got horses. He is sharp as a tack and is a wonderful rider; not afraid of anything!

We feel privileged to be a friend of him and his wife.
Photo credits for the last 3 photos go to my daughter at:

Hope you enjoyed. See you next week!


  1. Awesome, absolutely awesome! Welcome to the world of white.

    Have a lovely Memorial holiday.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. your mothers bonnet is so lovely, definitely deserves to be preserved.
    Wow, this goes to show you are only as old as you feel.
    Great post

  3. Welcome to White Wednesday, Shirley! So awesome that you still have the "something old" from your wedding! And that bonnet is a treasure for sure! Your daughter's pics of Rauls are beautiful!!!

    Have a great White Wednesday!

  4. Wonderful post...all of your whites are so very precious! So sweet to also include Rauls and his owner too!

  5. What a treasure it is to have your mom's baby bonnet! How precious is the story about William and his horse,beautiful!

    Happy White Wednesday!

  6. Shirley, what a wonderful post! The pictures of everything were just stunning, love the memory that you shared with us, breathtaking.


  7. Hi Shirley,

    What a nice variety of pictures to share! The handkerchief you carried in your wedding and your mom's baby bonnet are such treasures. And wonderful to see you rneighbor going strong and savoring life!


  8. Happy White Wednesday! I love your pretty collection of whites....and the photos of the white horse and his rider are just beautiful! How special it is to still enjoy life at that age; for both him and his beautiful mount!

  9. Hi Shirley! Don't you just love White Wednesday!?!?! Your daughter is an amazing photographer....those pictures are stunning!

    Thanks for stopping by Sassafras Stuff! My booth is in Lancaster, Ohio at The Olde Shoe Factory Antique Mall. We would love for you to visit us sometime!!

    Have a great week!!


  10. Gorgeous whites....so glad you joined in...I am a nurse too!
    Happy WW!

  11. Oh I love it! Anything with kind people and beautiful animals. Happy Birthday to William! How nice to have a friend through horses.
    Good to meet you, happy White Wednesday!

  12. Welcome to WW!! Thank you for sharing your whites today, hope to see you next week!

  13. Hi and welcome to White Wednesday! Loved seeing your sweet lacey whites and Rauls too, of course!

  14. Wonderful Post.
    Nice variety, and when the horse popped onto the screen, quite a surprise! A nice one. =)

    See you again soon.


    barbara jean

    PS welcome to white Wednesday!!

  15. I haven't joined White Wednesday yet but your post is so beautiful that I'm inspired to jump in. Beautiful shots and beautiful blog. Diane

  16. Shirley,
    Love your whites! Beautiful linens. I hope I am that spry at 88, fabulous!!

  17. wow! awesome pics! How sweet that you still have your mom's bonnet, and your hanky! I'm such a sentimental sap! thanks for sharing!
    just want to let you know, your blog will be part of my Featured Followers Friday this week.

  18. HI Shirley ~ I love your photos. What a gorgeous horse Rauls is and his human looks so happy to be with him. Very sweet ~ Thank you

  19. Hi Shirly. It is my first white wednesday as well. I do so adore white horses. That reminds me I have a picture of me with a white horse I will have to dig it out for another white wednesday hugs Sara


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