Friday, May 21, 2010

Pinks For Saturday 5-22

Here's my pinks for Beverly's "Pink Saturday"!! Look here for a list of the participants:

Pinks for a day in May

My honeysuckle are in bloom. And my hummingbirds are back. Funny how that works : ))

This is Comfrey. It's a healing herb. You can find out all kinds of information about this medicinal herb on Google. I grow it because it has really pretty bell like blooms.

This is a pink coral bell in my front garden. They are supposed to come tomorrow and mulch if it doesn't rain!

My grand-daughter. She is becoming quite the model!! All pretty in pink!

She's 3 years old and of course very smart : ))

I had to move this old bird house because bees starting making a home in there!!!!

Off she goes. She was collecting acorns! We have at least 10 million of them on the ground!
Where's my Grand-son you ask?? Well, he'll be on BLUE Monday of course!!

Have a nice weekend everyone.


  1. What a cutie! Collecting acorns will sure keep them busy!

  2. haha, its not a hat. Its really a bag and a very big one :D

    I love your pics. And I love your dog. Looks like one of mine, that I found here.

  3. What a serene moment looking through your blog and listen to Clair De Lune. I turned up the volume and sat back looking at all your pinkness. The motion you captured with your grand daughter in the swing and her hair blowing in the wind. Awesome relaxing post. Thank you for the calm relaxing time.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  4. What a cutie! She looked like she had a fun day wih Grandma!

  5. Hi Shirley! Your little grand daughter is so cute! She made this a most precious Pink Saturday post. Thank you for visiting us today! You have a beautiful blog and we are now following you. Have a nice week! Twyla

  6. Shirley, Your granddaughter is adorable. Your pink flowers are very pretty, too!


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