Sunday, May 2, 2010

little dog

I had a Russell Terrier for about an hour today! I was outside pruning a lilac bush so the mower guy could cut the grass there!! and this little white, old, little dog came walking up the road. (In the middle of the road). I called her and she shyly came to me. I saw she was old and breathing heavily. Sort of wheezing . . . right up my ally! She let me pick her up and I sat in the front yard by the road for 15-20 minutes hoping someone would come by looking for her. She looked so tired. Finally I took her inside the back way so Rocky couldn't see. She drank some water and ate some dog food like she was starving. Hmmmmm? Probably on meds. I shut her in the kitchen and I went out and made 4 big signs "FOUND. Little White Dog, Red Collar" and set them out by the road facing every which way! In about an hour after doggy was about to fall asleep, a white car drove in the drive and asked if the dog was an old female Russell Terrier! YES!!! I took her out to the car and her little tail that she had kept tucked between her legs the whole time, popped out : )) They were all so happy. She is on a lot of meds including heart meds and would die without them. She had gotten off her other collar and trotted away. They only live a couple houses down the road. I knew she couldn't have walked far! Happy endings : ))
The bad thing is, I didn't even think of taking a couple pictures of her!!!! I'm not a very good reporter!


  1. That could have been my dog yesterday when she got out through an open gate that the lawn guy must have left open on Thursday. I think I will use this as a jumping off point for my post.
    Lucky for that little dog they found you.

  2. Those terriers are adorable - and thank goodness you found it and were able to catch the owner's attention with your sign! We sometimes have doggies wander in, and I've had to find a few owners a time or two! Makes you feel good, doesn't it?


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