Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mom's Chicken and Noodles

This week I'm joining in with the cooks at "Foodie Friday"! Michael at Designs by Gollum hosts this great party!! See everyone's recipe's at:

Mom's Chicken and Noodles

Probably everyone has a version of this but this is how Mom did it. It's easy and basic, hearty and wonderful!
I put 3 quartered chicken legs in enough water to fully cover them in a big soup pot. I added cut up celery and onions and salt and pepper.

I boiled this until the chicken started to get tender and then added carrots and cut up potatoes.
I kept cooking at a medium heat till the carrots and potatoes were about tender and the meat was falling off the bones. I took the meat out and removed the bones then replaced the meat.

Time for the noodles. Mom would've made homemade noodles. She called them "cut off the dish noodles". However, I had these so I used them. Close enough!

Cook till tender and the broth cooks down and thickens up.

I wanted the broth a little thicker so I used Mom's handy shaker thing and added a little flour and water. You shake it real hard and it gets the lumps out.

Here it is, a very hearty, tasty dish!

Mmmmmmmm. I saved some for the next night and froze the rest.

Then I let Rocky lick the pot. He waits for that you know!!! It's OK, I have a dishwasher!

If I wasn't full enough . . . I had a big piece of peach cobble for desert!!!!

But you know, it seems after I really sort of eat too much, Green Tea makes it seem OK and even healthy!!!!! : ))
Do you find that to be so???
Have a great Friday!!


  1. What a lucky dog!! Your chicken and noodles looks positively delish!


  2. Wow, that looks so delicious! I have never made that before so I should give it a try now that winter weather is fast approaching over here. Thanks for sharing your family recipe.

    Best wishes,

  3. This looks good, I think I'm gonna make some tomorrow! I actually have some pasta dough in the freezer I could use.

  4. This looks good. I love chicken and noodles (or turkey and noodles or beef and noodles!) And the dessert! A great meal!

  5. Perfect comfort food! Yumm!


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