Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strange Outdoor Happenings 5/12

I'm joining A Southern Daydreamer for "Outdoor Wednesday" Check out Susan's blog at: http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/

This is a male bluebird a week ago, I think bringing something to eat to Mama bluebird who I figured was sitting on eggs in the birdhouse. We've had two days of heavy storms and wind so I decided to check out the house today.

This is what I found!!!! Four beautiful blue eggs, but NO NEST!!!!!! I've never seen that before.

I took my picture then shut up the door and went back a ways to watch. Sure enough Mama came and went into the house. I don't know how this is going to work when the babies hatch! They don't have a nest. I hope they do hatch because there's nothing to keep them warm except Mama!
Has anyone heard of this before?? Laying eggs with no nest????
Hoping for the best.


  1. I thought they always build a nest in the box. That is strange!

  2. That is strange! I always get a birds nest every year in one of my ferns. I just let my poor fern die because I'm scared I will mess with the babies.

  3. How pretty. No nest? Nope never heard of that. Someone was slacking off.

  4. Put a clean towel in there, shape it like a nest
    and put gloves on your hands and gently put the eggs in the middle.

  5. Nature is always amazing us. Great post.

  6. I know nothing about these amazing birds-we don't have them here sadly. I hope the little ones will be OK.

    Those eggs are so pretty too-what a colour!

    Best wishes and thank you so much for visiting today!


  7. No, that is so strange. The eggs are beautiful.



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