Thursday, May 20, 2010

Foodie Friday Jam

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Better Success in the Jam Department

This is my second try at freezer jam. My first batch wasn't as clear and didn't jell very well! I don't think the sugar dissolved right, because it looked sort of opaque. It tasted good though.
This batch is pretty and jelled better. I mean not like the store bought stuff but someone told me freezer jam is runnier! Is that true or were they just trying to make me feel better!

It sure takes good though! I can't believe how much sugar there is in it!!!!
I used the recipe that is in the Sure-Jell box. I think everyone knows that one.
Maybe I'll try another pectin next time. Does anyone have a sure fire one that works every time ?????


  1. I'll be making Peach Jam tomorrow (Friday) I am picking peaches in the morning and canning in the afternoon... I don't make freezer jam I can them. Sometimes I make strawberry peach jam too. I have made refrigerator jam and it is always a little runnier too. But it tastes great! And not TOO sweet.
    I use a ton of sugar in my canned jam... but oh well, its not like you are eating a dish of it... you are only having a couple of tablespoons... Yours looks wonderful!

    Have a great week end!

  2. Your jam looks good! I experiment all the time so each batch's consistency is a bit different. I've never made freezer jam, I can them. I like to use sugar free pectin and add about 2 cups of sugar to it, plenty sweet! Have fun!

  3. It sure looks delicious to me! I'd love some slathered on buttered toast for lunch!


  4. Hi Shirley!

    Oh, I haven't made freezer jam in years! It looks so yummy!


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