Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thrifty Treasures Finally!

I'm joining Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality for "Today's Thrifty Treasures". You can find all who's joining in here:

Finally! A Good Garage Sale!!

I've been to a few this spring and haven't found anything but yesterday I stopped at one that happens every Memorial Day Weekend. I always find things there.
This little metal pot or casserole was so cute for $1.00. I knew just what I'd use it for.

See! How perfect is that!!

I sure couldn't pass up this whole stack of old dishes for $2.00!!! One has a chip and a crack but otherwise in pretty good shape. No cups though.

So I bought these English bone china ones. They don't match exactly but good enough. Wish there were four. I paid $10. for the three of them; more than I like but I needed them!!!

This black board was $2.00. I wanted to try one there before I go through the trouble of making one. I'm liking the looks of it.

Now, these steps I found at my favorite Thrift Shop with a sign on that said NFS!
I made the lady call this consigner and beg her to sell them and she did!! $12.00!! I almost ran out of the store with them. It's exactly what I wanted to reach my high cupboards.

Another stainless steel pot from Goodwill for $6.00.

I love this little handmade prim doll from the thrift shop. She was $2.00

And last some more primitive things. The candle box was $4.00 and the things inside were $1.50 each. I had a good week : ))
Happy hunting everyone.


  1. You had some great finds! Love the steps - those will come in handy for sure!

  2. Great treasures! I love the china and the step stool the best.....but they're all really wonderful and thrifty finds!!

    Blessings to you,
    Lana in Huntsville, AL

  3. I love that enamel pot!! And for a buck! What a steal!!

  4. what terrific finds! $2.00 for all those gorgeous dishes! Yeah! The roses on them are wonderful.
    Love the steps - I'd live to have one like it. I use foldable black and white one. The red is so cute!

  5. Great finds! And I love your kitchen too, so pretty.

  6. your kitchen is so pretty!! I love the sink!!! cute finds!

  7. You never know what is for sale (or at what price) until you ask!
    That blackboard would also make a good menu board for parties.


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