Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Showing, Please Tell Me!

I'm Late, I'm Late! For Show and Tell Friday but I need your opinion!!
Be sure to check in with all the other participants after you see my dilemma.

OK, Garden Experts . . .

Is this or is this NOT poison ivy!!!!!! I never thought it was because I pull it by the boat-loads and wade through it all the time and it's never bothered me. However when my landscaper was mulching my front garden he said it was and he's highly allergic to it. I know there's people that aren't also. I always heard the old saying "Leaves of three, let it be"! Well this has 5 leaves!

My grand kids also wade through this stuff, what ever it is. My water turn-on is back there on the house.

Now this is something else. It is also a vine that will climb up trees but it DOES have three leaves. So does anyone out there know!??????????????????? HELP!!


  1. The first plant looks like Virginia Creeper. It will turn really pretty red in the fall. It will also climb. The last photo is poison ivy it also gets red in the fall and can be on the ground or climb a tree. Leaves of three let it be,is a great rule. I have had one kid I always have to follow around and point the poison ivy out to. He has to get meds and go to the Dr. to get rid of it. Have a great weekend.

  2. Yup! the last is poison ivy ... put on gloves & pull it up, but don't touch it directly. Bag it because if you burn it the poison fills the air & can affect you/anyone just as easily as if touched. Oy!

    Have a lovely holiday weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Yikes, poison ivy it is! be sure to get rid of your gloves also when you are finished.

  4. LOL Shirley! Nice music....I thought Blogger was going nuts playing the music from my blog on your blog. Too funny!

    We don't have poison ivy here in California, we have poison oak. Same consequences from poison oak. I've had a bout with it already this year and just started itching looking at your last picture.


  5. The first pictures -- the leaves of 5 -- is Virginia Creeper. when the leaves are young, they are often in clusters of 3, but then two more unfurl and you have the typical 5 clusters. Not an itch-maker.

    However -- the monster climbing up that tree IS poison ivy. Shiny, beautiful leaves... in trios. Stay away, OR put on gloves and pull it off. Even the roots are itch-making, even when it is dead and dormant it can cause trouble.

    What we do is actually put BAGS over our hands and up our arms, pull out as much as we can, then take the tops of the bags and pull them off OVER the vines -- that encases the vines right away without our having to touch it.

    One of my daughters is very sensitive to it -- and we had a LOT at our last home. Now when I spot it, it's ripped out before it can take hold. Nasty stuff.

    But the Virginia Creeper? Don't sweat it, unless you don't like the look of it.

    Have fun! Cass
    PS also immediately after dealing with poison ivy, go into the house and WASH WASH WASH your hands and arms with good soap and hot water.


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