Monday, May 3, 2010

Surprise Puppy

I'm joining West Virginia Treasures for "Show & Tail".

I have a story.

Once upon a Time . . .
there was a most beloved dog, a black lab named Trouble. He was my daughter's dog since she was young.
He lived till he was 17 years old. Michele was so distraught when he died. She mourned for a long time.
That is why we waited 3 years before we surprised her the Christmas Eve of 2003 with a new puppy; another black lab.

Above is Michele and her first "Trouble"

Here is the little "Trouble II" waiting for Michele.
Please watch the whole video of that wonderful night.
Turn off my blog music and let the video load for a few seconds so it runs smoothly.
Click on YouTube below photo.

(then come back here after the video by clicking on the back button.)

Trouble II growing up fast!

He is 7 years old now and living the good life with Michele.
Hope you took the time to view the video.


  1. I saw that you joined Angela's West Virginia Treasures - I am so glad I did!

    This was one of the most heart warming stories I have ever seen.

    How sweet! I loved it.


  2. How sweet - what a great story!

  3. That is just precious! What a handsome dog Trouble I was and Trouble II is dashing also!

    Thanks for sharing one of your family's special events with us!

    Tuesdays' Show & Tail!


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