Monday, May 31, 2010

So What's Really in a Hotdog!!

The Hot Dog!

I went to Walmart today, on Memorial Day, to do some grocery shopping. I didn't really expect it to be as busy as it was. Everyone that doesn't have a picnic to go to (like me), was at Walmart. I got everything on my list, with hardly any extras when I saw the Amish potato salad. I haven't had potato salad since last year so I thought I'd get me some and have my own little picnic. Just me and Rocky. So off I went back down the aisles of the Super Walmart to get me some hot dogs and buns. Since I don't really hardly ever eat red meat, I was looking for some turkey or chicken hotdogs. The turkey hot dogs also had pork in them and all I can think of when I think of eating pork is those poor pigs stuffed in those tiny cages. So nope, none of those. OK, I found chicken hot dogs. I turned over the package to read, (always a mistake), and it said Ingredients . . Chicken (mechanically separated)!!!! What?? What does that mean?? All sorts of horrible pictures went through my mind. Well, I figured I'd just bite the bullet (excuse the terminology!) and go with Hebrew National Beef Hot Dogs. I don't know if they are better as far as processing but I'm just going to think they are.
Well Rocky and I had our little picnic. One of those hot dogs were his. The picnic was complete with flying insects, one ant and a breeze that made the food cold!
Welcome summer.
I think that's my last hot dog for awhile.

I wondered all evening about when I get chickens to raise . . . will I then not be able to eat chicken??? I can see that happening!


  1. Oh no!! I am glad I don't read the labels on hotdogs. Mechanically separated?? What is that? I am glad you enjoyed your little picnic for 2. I am sure Rocky enjoyed it alot. Happy Memorial Day.

  2. Our family is Hotdog Snobbs...LOL, only beef hotdogs - nothing else....
    p.s. I bought by mistake some mixed hotdogs and I gave them to our dogs.....

  3. Ugh I am with you Shirley. I have a hard time with ANY hot dog anymore.....and same with chickens. We plan to get some next season for eggs so what will that do to my feelings on eating chicken!! ;)

  4. Mechanically separated? Ick.

    We don't do hot dogs often, but you can't go wrong with Hebrew National; as their commercials say, they answer to a Higher Authority!

    As for getting chickens, my brother kept a small flock and while he still ate OTHER people's chickens, he never could bear to eat his own. His feathered gals died of old age, living on cushy pensions in a plush hen house. I'm just warning you . . . don't name them! :-)


  5. I LOVE Walmarts Amish Potato Salad! I buy Nathan's (all beef) hot dogs. They cost a little bit more, but are so worth it.

  6. I'm with Beth--Nathan's is my choice. And I love to have them Chicago style. You've made me hanker for a hotdog right now!!



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