Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Outdoors on Wednesday 5/5

I'm posting on "Outdoor Wednesday" this week. It is located on Susan's blog "A Southern Daydreamer". Visit her here and see the list of participants.

Squeaker was out for a stroll in the front garden today. He sticks real close to the doors and only stays out for about 5-10 minutes at a time! Not like Ellie who has done some all nighters!

Call me nuts but I always leave a basket of goodies in my garage for the mice and the squirrels. Well, it's not like they're not already there!!!!

Mrs. Bluebird is sitting on a nest inside here. Can't get any closer or she'll freak!

I've had my hummingbird feeders out since April 15th but so far this is what I have! Bees and ants : ((

This bird house has been down since I had my trees trimmed in the fall. Don't worry, there's plenty of others! Looks like a squirrel has chewed around the hole.

Rocky! It's no fair hunting in a bird house!!!!!!
Enjoy the increasingly nice weather everyone!!


  1. Too cute! Maybe by feeding the squirrels and rats it will keep them out of other stuff. Squeaker and Rocky are adorable!

    ~ Tracy

  2. Oh Shirley I hope the mice don't chew up your wiring...or your beautiful new kitchen cabinets.

  3. You are very generous with the animals. I like your attitude about feeding them... just can't get past the old attitude of encouraging them. Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  4. We had our hummingbird feeder out here in Missouri for a month and I just had two of them show up this week. It seemed that once I put the hanging baskets out, they flew in! Good luck! They will come!

  5. Good morning Shirely - sorry I am so late getting back to you.

    You have many wonderful things in your yeard - the feeding squirrels in the garage worries me - we got squirrels in the attice for months and it cost a forture to get rid of. But you do have a cat! lol.

    Nice to meet you.

  6. I've been having to fill my two hummingbird feeders every other day. They are ravenous!

  7. Your home looks gorgeous, Shirley! Thank you for your visit. I feed the squirrels too, it makes my neighbors mad, but I think it's un-American to not like squirrels!
    Cheers, Andrea


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