Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Think I'm Guilty!!!

So Here's What I Did!

This is a continuation of yesterdays post!! Still an "Outdoor Wednesday" sort of post. After thinking a lot about this nesting box with no nest and 4 eggs of the bluebird I think that it had to be my fault!! Usually in the spring I watch my bluebird houses carefully because sparrows try to get nests in there first. I removed 3 nesting materials from this box which I thought were sparrow nests. Sparrows build a much messier looking nest than a bluebird does. But the more I thought about it, the third nest I removed had to be a bluebird nest. That's the only explanation that makes sense. Mama bluebird had to lay her eggs, and had to lay them NOW and that's why she did it in an empty box! I worried about it all night. It was cold and rainy again or I would've hand built a little nest as best I could. But there was no dry material outside to use.
So I did the next best thing. I took a clean washcloth and a tissue and kind of molded it into a nest. Then I went to the box, the mama bluebird flew out when she heard me. I carefully put the eggs in my "nest" and put the nest in the box. I didn't know whether she'd sit on this or not but in she went and I checked back several times today. She's sitting on her eggs. I hope all will go well and I'm sorry Mrs. Bluebird!!!!! I'll be more careful next time!!!


  1. Oh! my! Aren't you a dear! What a precious Mrs. Bluebird! I didn't think she would stay after someone handling her eggs but there she is. Now she will expect that next year, too! ;~D
    Be Blessed!

  2. That is so sweet! So glad to hear she is back with the eggs again! Please keep us updated on the progress!

  3. Yay Shirley, the mother of invention. I am glad she didn't mind your help.

  4. I think the nest looks quite comfy! Good job!

  5. oh that is wonderful - next year she'll be expecting you to keep up with the housekeeping!!
    I hope all the babies do well.

  6. I am so glad she decided to accept your helpful gesture! I was always told the scent of human hands would prevent the momma bird's return to her eggs. You must smell good to her!
    I hope they all hatch & she names them after you! :D


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