Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happenings of the Week

Happenings of the Week in Shirley's World

This picture really doesn't show much but I had my gardens mulched plus they put fabric down underneath to try to fend off those awful thistles I've been fighting!

My poppies popped!! I love that. One evening they are a fuzzy ball and the next morning

Russ, the really nice man I sold my rototiller to, came on Thursday and rototilled my vegetable garden for me. He wouldn't take a dime either!! Can't beat that. I had blueberry muffins in the oven and I would've loved to give him some but he left too early!

I planted some of my regular thing, like carrots, beans, lettuces, swiss chard, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash and acorn squash. What's with me and squash! I only planted one plant of each though, so people don't have to run and hide when I come bearing zucchini for the 20th time!! Now this year I also planted two things I've never tried, Pumpkins and Watermelon.
They take up a lot of room but I thought it would be fun to try them.

Had to clear out the bluebird house. These eggs didn't hatch and the parents haven't been around for a week. It's been a month since they were laid so they weren't going to hatch. I put them in a little nest on my mantle. Cherished little things.

Ferns on the porches always means summer!! Yippee!!!!
Have a great week.
Happy Memorial Day.


  1. Your garden looks like a great idea. I have two tomato plants in pots and that's it. We live close to a local farm market.

  2. I sent that before I commented on your poppies. They are beautiful and I love the fern on the porch too.

  3. What a beautiful home and yard and garden you have!!!! My gosh! Just lovely! And the sweet little bluebird eggs....too bad Mom and Dad left....


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